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Stone Handicrafts

The process of turning marble piece into a beautiful sculpture is intricate and requires expertise. At Binny Exports, a team of skilled artists making use of hand tools, like mallet, chisel, rasps and files create eye pleasing marble handicrafts, mostly in white color. We also have modern power tools to speed up the sculpting process. Stone Flower Vase, Soapstone Elephant Sculpture, Stone Glasses, Stone Fruit Bowl, Stone Base, Stone Lamp Base and Oil Lamp Base are some of the items we have included in our stone handicrafts collection. Stone flower vase and fruit bowl can be placed on dinning table as a decorative accessories. The best thing about using marble as a basic material for making sculpture is initially, it is soft and easy to work, refine and polish and as time passes, it becomes harder and more durable. These marble handicrafts can be made in any size, demanded by the buyers.

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